MondoKit GCP BigQuery

Simplify BigQuery client initialisation and common BigQuery operations.

Note: @mondokit libs all require ESM. If your project still uses CommonJS, then you can continue using our previous incarnation, gae-js, until you can make the upgrade.

Find the source code at gcp-bigquery on GitHub.


npm install @mondokit/gcp-bigquery

Quick Start

Using BigQuery Provider

To have a global BigQuery instance available to your entire application, initialise the bigQueryProvider. This will initialise the BigQuery client based on your current configuration. The instance can then be recalled anywhere within your application as required.

// On app startup

// Elsewhere in the app
const bigQuery = bigQueryProvider.get();

Manual connect to BigQuery

To manage your own BigQuery instances, use connectBigQuery to connect to BigQuery based on your current application configuration.

class CustomBigQueryService {
  private readonly bigQuery: BigQuery;

  constructor() {
    this.bigQuery = connectBigQuery()

Edit configuration

No configuration is required if you are happy with the default conventions.

The following options are available under the bigQuery namespace.

Property Description Required
projectId the BigQuery projectId to connect to. Will default to the application’s project id. N


  "bigQuery": {
    "projectId": "my-bigquery-project"